Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors is primarily responsible for the governance of the Corporation. Compliance with the principles of good corporate governance shall start with it. Corollary to setting the policies of the accomplishment of corporate objectives, it shall provide an independent check on Management.

As provided in the Company's By-Laws and Manual of Corporate Governance, which is based on the SEC's Revised Code of Corporate Governance of 2009, the Board of Directors of Maybank ATR Kim Eng shall have at any time at least 2 independent directors. It should have a mix of executive and non-executive (including independent directors) members. As much as practicable, the roles of Chairman of the Board and President & Chief Executive Officer ("CEO") should be separate from each other to foster an appropriate balance of power, increased accountability, and better capacity for independent decision- making by the Board.

The Board shall conduct itself with utmost honesty and integrity in the discharge of its duties, functions and responsibilities.

It is the Board's responsibility to foster the long-term success of the Company and the Group, sustaining their competitiveness and profitability in a manner consistent with its fiduciary responsibility, the objectives of the Maybank ATR Kim Eng Group, and the best interest of the Group's shareholders.

The Board shall determine the Company's vision, mission, strategic objectives, policies and procedures that shall guide its activities, including the means to effectively monitor Management's performance.

The Board delegates certain of its governance responsibilities to the relevant Board Committees, which operate within clearly defined Terms of References or Charters primarily to assist the Board in the execution of its duties and responsibilities. Although the Board has granted such discretionary authority to these Board Committees to deliberate and decide on certain operational matters, the ultimate responsibility remains with the Board.

The Board Committees of the Company are as follows:

  1. Audit Committee of the Board
  2. Board Nomination, Compensation, and Governance Committee

Management Committees include:

  1. Executive Committee
  2. Credit and Underwriting Committee
  3. Management Risk Committee